Healthy Scalp is imperative to healthy hair growth

Healthy Scalp Solution was specifically formulated to handle a slue of scalp issues, ranging from sensitive, irritated ,itchy scalp to stunted growth. Here are some of the benefits from the ingredients:

Gingko Biloba- Increases blood flow within the capillaries, which brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the follicles. 

White Willow Bark- Anti-Inflammatory, Exfoliating, Soothing.

Burdock Root- Used as scalp treatment applied to improve hair strength, shine and body, helps reverse scalp conditions, combat hair loss. 

Dragons BloodFibroblasts protects the cells against oxidation also increases metabolism. 

Reduces scalp inflammation to promote healthy hair growth.  

Ceramide-3- Helps to retain moisture with the scalp. 

Karanja Seed Oil- is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungul, anti-microbial, with insceticidal benefits and provides effective relief from skin conditions such as dandruff,eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, dandruff, also promote wound healing. Does this while toning and cleansing the scalp.

Lysine- Follicles require Lysine to function properly.  Enhances iron’s ability to reverse alopecia. 

Biotin- Promotes healthy hair growth,-Supports skin health, and can help ward off psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other rashes.  Protects against dryness.  It also increases the elasticity of the hair's cortex. 

MSM- Slow shedding, speed’s growth, and increase shine and thickness.  

Sodium Hyaluronate- Penetrates to lower layers of the scalp, attract and retain water, and promote nutrient absorption. Olive leaf Extract- brilliantly moisturising and works to hydrate your hair from deep within the hair follicle while adding incredible lustre. It also keeps our hair follicles from harm and maintain the integrity of cell membranes. 

Niacinmide -Allows better blood flow and circulation to the follicles, which increases oxygen, nutrition and growth. 

Broccoli Seed Oil- Easy substitute for the activity of silicones where the film forming activity results in a natural shine, and cuticle smoothing of the hair, while preventing oxidation.  

Ginseng Root- is an adaptogen, helping the body adapt to stress, which is known to be a cause of hair loss. It’s great for addressing stress related hair loss.