Why is Core Radiance better than other products on the market?

Core Radiance is better than other products on the the market because of it high concentration quality ingredients.  Also, there is no synthetic fillers, no water down ingredients or potentially harmful chemicals inside.

Is Core Radiance safe to use during pregnancy and after while breast-feeding?

At Core Radiance we advise all pregnant and nursing mother to consult with their physician prior to using our products.

Can my husband use it while on Propecia or Rogaine?

Yes he can, it will help boost results.

Will Core Radiance work with ethnic coarse hair?

Absolutely, it is great for infusing moisture within this hair type to reduce breakage and retain length.

Will Core Radiance work with Caucasian hair? 

Absolutely, it will work wonders after a few uses adding volume, lustre and enhancing one’s hair colour.

Can I use it with dreadlock or twist styles not conductive to daily shampooing or massaging? 

Prefect for scalp health and the prevention of thinning locks that break and fall off in particular at the root. Perfect in making your twist the best protective style ever while using our infamous leave-in.  Your hair will thrive under your style.

Can you use the product on relaxed hair? 

Yes,  Core Radiance is ideal for healthy growth, length retention and reinforcing the hair shaft to prevent breakage.

Does Core Radiance work on itchy scalp?

Core Radiance is phenomenal on itchy and irritated scalp.  Our Detoxing Clarifying shampoo and Health Scalp Solution works wonders on itchy, irritated and sensitive scalps. This shampoo has two separate and distinct purpose.  For one, it gently detoxifies the hair of adhesive build up so Core Radiance treatments can penetrated the hair shaft and scalp effortlessly. Second use our Detoxifying Shampoo,  for scalp health.  This shampoo is used as a treatment on the scalp to alleviate pain and discomfort as ingredients of camphor and menthol acts as an anti irritant.  Which sooth’s and comfort’s the scalp.  This shampoo alsostimulates circulation and dilates the capillaries around the follicles, which helps to funnel the nourishing ingredients thru the scalp from the follow up treatment.